Young Pupils


Some of my pupils from Chepping Veiw Middle School (taken a few years ago now!)


I’ve taught in primary schools and have experience of teaching pupils as young as 4 years old.


For these pupils I have devised a special course to introduce them to both drum kit and hand percussion skills. This course is divided into 4 stages:
  • Stage 1- Tub Thumpers,
  • Stage 2- Big Hitters
  • Stage 3- Groovers.
  • Stage 4- Gig Star

Pupils are rewarded with certificates as they pass each stage.


I have developed strong teaching principles and aim to give my pupils a firm foundation of percussion skills- posture, grip, sound production, listening skills and an appreciation of music.


It'll be fun too!


For Young pupils I recommend taking a lesson every week.


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Ian Sands. Professional Drum Tutor