Practicalities of On-Line Drum Lessons


Here are some suggestions on the practicalities specific to your on-line video drum lessons that I would like you to think about and practice with before your first on-line drum lesson.


Remember that I can teach you if have an acoustic drum kit, an electric drum kit or even if you do not have a drum kit (more below).


Which device are you going to use?

  • Zoom and Skype can be used on any device a good internet connection which has a web camera and microphone: Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. I think some gaming devices too.
  • The bigger the screen the better.

Download Zoom to your device.

Watch a video tutorial on how to use Zoom… or just learn as you go?

When you have booked your first lesson with me…

  • You will receive a ‘Meeting Invitation’ from me via email and it will appear on your Zoom app.
  • I will start the meeting at our arranged time… so be ready!

Can you see me?

  • Have your laptop/tablet/phone placed where can see it, and within reach for the keyboard or screen to operate the controls.

Can I see you?

  • Have the camera on your phone/laptop/tablet/phone (or USB, Bluetooth webcam) placed where I can get a good view of you when you are playing.

Is the lighting good?

  • A desk lamp facing at you or bouncing off-of the wall in front of you works well.

Can you hear me?

  •  Using headphones is best. See if the sound is loud enough coming from your device if you are playing on an acoustic kit, if not you may need to use an amplifier between your device and headphones.  If you have an electric kit, you can plug a lead from the headphone socket into the Aux In/Audio In socket on the kit.

Can I hear you?

  • The microphone in your device is usually ok, but a head-set mic is also a good idea to try.

Does the background behind you protect the privacy of you and your family?

  • Is there anything of a sensitive or personal nature that you do not want to be seen?
  • Having other people in the room with you is fine, as they do not put you off. An adult (Parent or Carer) must be present in the room with any pupil under the age of 18.
  • Seeing your sofa in the background is fine... but will you Mum want to be on camera while she is watching TV!
  • You could try hanging up a bed-sheet as a screen?

If you do not have a drum kit:

  • To get yourself started, you can easily construct your own “Chair practice kit”. Simply get two chairs of the same height, sit on one and place the other in front of you with a practice pad or thick book. If the chair in front has arms, these can be used as the Hi-Hat and Ride cymbals. The back of the chair can be used for the tom-toms.


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