Intermediate and Advanced Players



If you already play, my priority is to get you to the next level, playing the music that you want to play.


I can introduce you to any contemporary style of music that you may wish to play: Drum & Bass, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Latin etc.


To inspire you will have access to my collection of 100's of playalong tracks of bands and artists such as Jay Z, Daft Punk, Pharell Williams, AC/DC, Jamiroquai, Green Day, James Brown, Joss Stone, Foo Fighters, Led Zep etc. Also bass lines and tracks to my own charts for you to practice.


I can also show you advanced drumming and rhythmic concepts such as double bass,polyrhythms, phrasing, linear rhythms and playing in odd time signatures.


I will also ensure that your are confident with your sticking. I teach the Moeller sticking system, a technique devised in America, which is now used by most professionals. This was passed on to me in the 3 years that I studied with Bob Armstrong, the countries most respected drum tutor.


As well as this, the most important aspect I can help you with is your timekeeping: working on your 'inner clock'. To help you with this, I have devised my own and unique Independence, Syncopation and Polyrhythm Courses.


We never stop learning. I have never lost my enjoyment of music. Whether you aim to be a professional musician, or just play for fun- I can help you get there.


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Ian Sands. Professional Drum Tutor