On-Line Lessons


I am now teaching on-line via Zoom in-line with the C19 coronavirus guidance.


I have been teaching on-line since the lock-down and it is proving to be very popular.


I am helping my students prepare for their drum exams, and one of my pupils has just passed his Grade 5 exam on-line. All exams are presently taken on-line.


I am also helping pupils with work towards their music GCSE and DofE skills.



I have 2 camera angles. Here is the view from my 'SkyCam'.



New to On-Line lessons.


Since the lock-down I have adjusted my teaching methods to utilize the advantages of my students having a computer at hand, and developed new courses to keep them learning, improving and having fun at home with their drums and computers.


  • New: 'Drum Tech' Drum Machine programming and using DAW's (Digital Audio Workshops). Once you know how to program, the drum machine will be teaching you! You can go on to be more creative making your own tracks on your own computer in a DAW.


  • New: 'Elements of Rhythm Course'. Understanding Contemporary and World rhythms and creating rhythms with knowledge of the base elements of Pulse, Count, Balance Rhythm, Up & Down Beats etc.


  • New: 'Sticking Routine Course'. To keep your hands and mind fit, fast and to learn new co-ordinations and techniques.


  • New: 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'. Profiles on the most famous and influential drummers, past and present, who have added to the sum of drumming today.


  • New: To Watch. Suggestions of interesting music videos to watch to expand your listening horizons.

Teaching Materials.


I have an extensive range of teaching materials (PDF’s, Audio Lessons, Video Lessons etc) in digital formats that I can ‘screenshare’ with you during your lesson and then email to you after your lesson for you to work on, along with your lesson summary.


I can also call on a wide range of other resources to call upon: CD’s, books, videos, DVD’s as well as information available to me as a member of the National Association of Percussion Teachers (NAPT).




My work in the schools is frequently inspected by OFSTED, I am CRB  checked, I comply with GPDR regulations  and  have public liability insurance via my Musicians Union membership.


I have experience at teaching young pupils: pupils with learning and behavioural difficulties and physical handicaps and can cater for both right and left-handed players.


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Ian Sands. Professional Drum Tutor