My playing career has taken me all over the world playing a wide variety of musical styles.


My strength in my playing and teaching is my versatility. I'm fluent in all contemporary styles of music: Pop, Rock, Latin, Jazz etc. This experience I enjoy passing on thorough my teaching.


I'm often asked "How did you become a professional drummer?" The answer, practice, practice and more practice! But this was never hard work for me, I have always loved to play.


My father is a musician, so there was always music in the house. I was given my first pair of sticks when I was 6 and played around on pots & pans until I got my first kit at 13 when I had a few lessons to get me started. I was 17 before I played in my first band with friends; we played 50’s rock & roll.


It was about this time that I started to study the drum kit properly and learned to read music. Not long after I started working semi-professionally in cabarets, amateur dramatic shows, Jazz and Latin bands and a number of function bands.


At 26 I gave up my day job when my Pop band got a record contract. We released 1 single and got on TV, but we were a complete flop! I found work playing as an accompanist playing percussion for dance classes.


I studied with Bob Armstrong (the most respected drum teacher in the country) for 3 years, as well as taking Latin percussion lessons with various musicians.


I started to teach 12 years ago and have taken the CTABRSM teaching course.


This is not the most direct route into the music business that you could take, I would recommend that anyone seriously considering a career in music should go to music college.


But talents will always out- and here I am!


As career advice goes... “In life you are best to do what you are best at and enjoy.”


I still play professionally for gigs, shows etc, but my passion now is for Big Band Jazz!


As well as others I play for the BBO (Bucks, Berks & Oxon Big Band). We rehearse weekly and give a monthly concert for charity on the last Thursday of each month at The Royal British Legion in Marlow.


You are welcome to come down and see us anytime ?


If you have any queries or wish to book a lesson, please contact me at :





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Ian Sands. Professional Drum Tutor